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      Section I Use of English

      Read the following text.Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET.(10 points)
      In Cambodia, the choice of a spouse is a complex one for the young male. It may involve not only his parents and his friends, 1 those of the young woman, but also a matchmaker. A young man can 2 a likely spouse on his own and then ask his parents to 3 the marriage negotiations, or the young man’s parents may make the choice of a spouse, giving the child little to say in the selection. 4 , a girl may veto the spouse her parents have chosen. 5 a spouse has been selected, each family investigates the other to make sure its child is marrying 6 a good family.
      The traditional wedding is a long and colorful affair. Formerly it lasted three days, 7 by the 1980s it more commonly lasted a day and a half. Buddhist priests offer a short sermon and 8 prayers of blessing. Parts of the ceremony involve ritual hair cutting, 9 cotton threads soaked in holy water around the bride’s and groom’s wrists, and 10 a candle around a circle of happily married and respected couples to bless the 11 .Newlyweds traditionally move in with the wife’s parents and may 12 with them up to a year, 13 they can build a new house nearby.
      Divorce is legal and easy to 14 , but not common. Divorced persons are 15 with some disapproval. Each spouse retains 16 property he or she 17 into the marriage, and jointly-acquired property is 18 equally. Divorced persons may remarry, but a gender prejudice 19 up: The divorced male doesn’t have a waiting period before he can remarry 20 the woman must wait ten months.
      1.[A]by way of [B]on behalf of [C]as well as [D]with regard to
      2. [A]adapt to [B]provide for [C]compete with [D]decide on
      3. [A]close [B]renew [C]arrange [D]postpone
      4. [A]Above all [B]In theory [C]In time [D]For example
      5. [A]Although [B]Lest [C]After [D]Unless
      6. [A]into [B]within [C]from [D]through
      7. [A]since [B]but [C]or [D]so
      8. [A]copy [B]test [C]recite [D]create
      9. [A]folding [B]piling [C]wrapping [D]tying
      10. [A]passing [B]lighting [C]hiding [D]serving
      11. [A]meeting [B]collection [C]association [D]union
      12. [A]grow [B]part [C]deal [D]live
      13. [A]whereas [B]until [C]if [D]for
      14. [A]obtain [B]follow [C]challenge [D]avoid
      15. [A]isolated [B]persuaded [C]viewed [D]exposed
      16. [A]whatever [B]however [C]whenever [D]wherever
      17. [A]changed [B]brought [C]shaped [D]pushed
      18. [A]withdrawn [B]invested [C]donated [D]divided
      19. [A]breaks [B]warms [C]shows [D]clears
      20. [A]so that [B]while [C]once [D]in that



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