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          1. 2012考研英語真題——英語二真題及答案(高學網)

            作者: 來源:高學網 時間:2012-01-09 18:02

            Section 1 Use of Eninglish

            Directions :

            Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark [A], [B], [C] or [D]on ANSWER SHEET 1. ( 10 points) 

            Millions of Americans and foreigners see GI.Joe as a mindless war toy, the symbol of American military adventurism, but that’s not how it used to be.To the men and women who __1__in World War II and the people they liberated ,the GI.was the__2__man grown into hero ,the pool farm kid torn away from his home ,the guy who__3__all the burdens of battle ,who slept in cold foxholes,who went without the __4__ of food and shelter ,who stuck it out and drove back the Nazi reign of murder .this was not a volunteer soldier ,not someone well paid , __5__an average guy ,up

            __6__the best trained, best equipped, fiercest, most brutal enemies seen in centuries. His name is not much.GI. is just a military abbreviation __7__Government Issue ,and it was on all of the article __8__ to soldiers .And Joe? A common name for a guy who never__9__it to the top .Joe Blow ,Joe Magrac …a working class name.The United States has __10__ had a president or vicepresident or secretary of state Joe.

            GI .joe had a __11__career fighting German , Japanese, and Korean troops . He appers as a character ,or a __12__ of american personalities, in the 1945 movie The Story of GI. Joe, based on the last days of war correspondent Ernie Pyle. Some of the soldiers Pyle__13__portrayde themselves in the film. Pyle was famous for covering the__14__side of the warl, writing about the dirt-snow -and-mud soldiers, not how many miles were __15__ or what towns were captured or liberated, His reports __16__ the “willie” cartoons of famed Stars and Stripes artist Bill Maulden. Both men__17__the dirt and exhaustion of war, the __18__ of civilization that the soldiers shared with each other and the civilians: coffee, tobacco, whiskey, shelter, sleep. __19__ Egypt, France, and a dozen more countries, G.I. Joe was any American soldier, __20__ the most important person in their lives.

            1.[A] performed  [B]served    [C]rebelled   [D]betrayed

            2.[A] actual       [B]common  [C]special     [D]normal

            3.[A]bore         [B]cased      [C]removed   [D]loaded

            4.[A]necessities [B]facilitice  [C]commodities [D]propertoes

            5.[A]and          [B]nor         [C]but           [D]hence

            6.[A]for           [B]into         [C] form        [D]against

            7.[A]meaning    [B]implying   [C]symbolizing [D]claiming

            8.[A]handed out [B]turn over [C]brought back [D]passed down

            9.[A]pushed       [B]got         [C]made         [D]managed

            10.[A]ever         [B]never       [C]either         [D]neither

            11.[A]disguised [B]disturbed   [C]disputed    [D]distinguished

            12.[A]company  [B]collection   [C]community   [D]colony

            13.[A]employed [B]appointed [C]interviewed [D]questioned

            14.[A]ethical     [B]military      [C]political     [D]human

            15.[A]ruined     [B]commuted [C]patrolled   [D]gained

            16.[A]paralleled [B]counteracted [C]duplicated [D]contradicted

            17.[A]neglected [B]avoided [C]emphasized [D]admired

            18.[A]stages    [B]illusions   [C]fragments    [D]advancea

            19.[A]With       [B]To    [C]Among            [D]Beyond

            20.[A]on the contrary [B] by this means [C]from the outset [D]at that point



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