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      Section I Structure and Vocabulary
      Part A
      Beneath each of the following sentences, there are four choices marked [A], [B], [C] and [D]. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. Mark your answer on ANSWER SHEET 1 by blackening the corresponding letter in the brackets with a pencil. (5 points)
      I have been to the Great Wall three times ________ 1979.
      [A] from
      [B] after
      [C] for
      [D] since
      The sentence should read, "I have been to the Great Wall three times since 1979." Therefore, you should choose [D]
      Sample Answer
      [A] [B] [C] [■]
      1. As I'll be away for at least a year, I'd appreciate ________ from you now and then telling me how everyone is getting along.
      [A] hearing
      [B] to hear
      [C] to be hearing
      [D] having heard
      2. Greatly agitated, I rushed to the apartment and tried the door, ________ to find it locked.
      [A] just
      [B] only
      [C] hence
      [D] thus
      3. Doctors see a connection between increase amounts of leisure time spent ________ and the increased number of cases of skin cancer.
      [A] to sunbathe
      [B] to have sunbathed
      [C] having sunbathed
      [D] sunbathing
      4. Unless you sign a contract with the insurance company for your goods, you are not entitled ________ a repayment for the goods damaged in delivery.
      [A] to
      [B] with
      [C] for
      [D] on
      5. On a rainy day I was driving north through Vermont ________ I noticed a young man holding up a sign reading "Boston".
      [A] which
      [B] where
      [C] when
      [D] that
      6. Christie stared angrily at her boss and turned away, as though ________ out of the office.
      [A] went
      [B] gone
      [C] to go
      [D] would go
      7. The roles expected ________ old people in such a setting give too few psychological satisfactions for normal happiness.
      [A] of
      [B] on
      [C] to
      [D] with
      8. Talk to anyone in the drug industry, ________ you'll soon discover that the science of genetics is the biggest thing to hit drug research since penicillin was discovered.
      [A] or
      [B] and
      [C] for
      [D] so
      9. It wasn't so much that I disliked her ________ that I just wasn't interested in the whole business.
      [A] rather
      [B] so
      [C] than
      [D] as
      10. Countless divorced politicians would have been elected out of office years ago had they even thought of a divorce, let alone ________ one.
      [A] getting
      [B] to get
      [C] gotten
      [D] get



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